Monday, November 3, 2008

dang camera...never a dull moment

Just a quick update. Sorry in advance for the LONG LONG post. It's not that the past month hasn't been an eventful dang camera broke!! It kills me every time I run to grab it to snap a quick pic & then remember...darn it it's broke. Hopefully I'll have that mess figured out SOON!
What have we been up to hmmmmm. I have canned around some sorta insane number like 300 lbs. of meat. Beans up the WAZUUU, around 24 lbs. of butter, stew, potatoes, applesauce & I am moving onto my next project...veggies & completing my 72 hr kits!! Am I crazy or what. I have defiantly found a new love & appreciation for food storage & preparedness.
I've accomplished my goal!! My "long term storage" is complete!! A month early in fact! I can't believe how easy it was. It's funny how powerful our minds are. I tend to over think things & complicate everything. But I've learned the secret of accomplishing your just getting passionate about it & believing in what your doing!! Sounds silly but I have grown so much from this little preparedness experience. My absolute must have while I'm canning is Hilary Weeks music!! Me & Hilary have spent a lot of time together in the last little while. I LOVE HER MUSIC!!
I am so grateful everyday for the gospel & for the joy & calmness it brings into my life & my home. This experience has brought so many opportunities to me & I pray I can continue to...listen. GOSH I know I'm telling ya...I'm getting all sappy I just can't even explain how passionate I am about all of this!! What a testimony builder!!
Any how moving on...(before I go on & on & on) Lacey is doing great! She has a 3.8 grade average & was a little bummed that darn B snuck in there. :-) What a great kid!! The Boys are doing awesome! Brenner's football season started. His coach isn't messing around he's got practice 2 times a week. He loves it! It's fun to see that Smith talent shine!! Bry is just always happy & in LaLa Land most the time!! He loves to whistle & is always whistling to some tune. He has really grown in this first semester of Kindergarten. Wow-It's amazing how fast he's learning.
His soccer season just started as well. He is not your most aggressive player but at least he stays on the field this season. Last game he only ran off once to kiss me & hug me & say "I love you Mom". Now how can I get after time for that??
Kade & Chloe are so cute & are the best of buds. They run & play tag with each other a lot. Where one is...there is the other! Kade started to say Baaaaae Bae (hey baby)this week.
He has a lot of Bry's personality. He is always happy & VERY,VERY busy. He loves to sing..he walks around the house singing ashes, ashes. It's cute. Chloe wont say much but I'm convinced she can it's just that if it's not her idea she wont say it or do it. NOW I'm confused because her & Kade get everything the same, I treat them the same. But... she just came with her own agenda. what a stubborn little girl. My boys never acted like this & sweet little Lace wouldn't of even thought about it.
???Really it puzzles me??? It seems every store we leave with her kicking & screaming?? Not sure what to do?? Any pointers?? How do you stay calm when your child is laying on there back, kicking & screaming & going into FULL MELT DOWN MODE IN PUBLIC?? SIGH......It's a great thing.
Last person to update is Ian! He has been working so hard! We are converting our Garage into a big room. Last Sat. in between the boy's games he wanted to put the finishing touches on the framing. I was in the very back of the house when I heard him yelling for me. You know that gut feeling of "something is wrong". Well I was defiantly feeling that when I was running to find him. I knew he had been running his saw & nail gun so before I got to him I quickly prepared myself for the worst and said a quick prayer(in my mind) that his limbs were still all attached.
As I got out to him he was holding is hand. He had shot a humongous nail through his index finger, middle finger & punctured his ring finger. HOLY COW! Inside I was freaking out but I managed to stay calm & got him to the ER right away. Crazy, Crazy! He was very lucky & it just missed the bones in both fingers. I had to leave the room when they pulled the nail out-yuck! So a tetanus shot, a heavy dose of antibiotic, some Vicodin & we were on our way. I found him out finishing his job after we got home- turd. He said he wanted to finish it while his hand was still safe is that? So He's good He's just pretty sore. We are counting our blessings that's for sure!!
So I have some pretty AWESOME pics! I will post a pic of the xray as soon as I get the "dumb camera" situation figured out.
Sorry for the FOREVER LONG update. Never a dull moment around here that's for sure!!


Our handsome little man

Hanging with Daddy ALWAYS makes things better

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