Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss Chole Kay

Alright today it happened for the 2nd time so it's worthy of a post.

A week or so ago I made a purchase online with my credit card and left the card
sitting on my desk in the office. Needless to disappeared. I looked everywhere for it. Nobody has seen it(funny how things just get up & walk away):)

Anyhow I got out the toaster for breakfast a couple of days ago...
Pretty soon there was this funky smell?? And smoke..I hurried & flipped the toast up and WAAAH LA-my credit card! Ohh & Bry's missing toothbrush.

So this morning...I got the toaster out for breakfast. Put the toast in wouldn't you know it pretty soon..there's that funky smell & SMOKE/fire. Chloe & Kade were sitting up to my bar eating breakfast & watching it all. I ran over flipped up the toast again & found...Chloe's hair ribbon. DUN DUN DUN. The thief was caught red handed. I pulled it out & turned to look at her & she gives me that cute little smile like...oh ya there it is Mama.
I sure do love her!!


Our handsome little man

Hanging with Daddy ALWAYS makes things better

What a good lookin CREW!!

say cheese

Grandpa's Masterpiece

Cute SnowMan!!!