Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For the Strength of Youth handbook

Well we had another one of those "firsts" again today with my sweet little Lacey BUG! This is how the conversation went when I picked her up from Junior High today:
Lace: So...Mom
Me: yeah
Lace: I guess that there is a dance on Friday
Me: GULP...yeah
Lace: Taylor asked me at lunch if I'd go with him...
Me: EVEN BIGGER GULP..What did you tell him?
Lace: Well..I didn't want to hurt his feelings in front of everybody so I said...maybe
Me: That was thoughtful of you(trying to hide my panic attack)
Lace: Later after lunch I felt the spirit tell me that it wasn't a good idea
so..what do YOU think Mom...can I go to the dance on Friday?
Me: ...well...what does the strength for youth guide say?? Not till your 14 I think
..possibly even 16 :-)
Lace: I knew it...& I'm fine not going & I've already decided to tell Taylor tomorrow.
Me: SIGH...whew

The story was even better watching Ian's face as she told him at dinner.
He shot a few glances at me..in utter disbelief that he was having "this"
conversation with her!:-)
Man I know she is growing up but...it's crazy how fast things just sneak up on you.
I know Taylor has had a crush on Lace for a while (they went to grade school together) so I wasn't surprised..He's a cute boy & has been a good friend to her. I'm so proud of her decision making & her acceptance of the strength for youth guidelines. I'm so proud of her for recognizing the spirit. And listening to the promptings & understanding that her "maybe" should of been a "no thank you".
Anyway just wanted to brag on what a good girl she is. I'm so Proud of her & pray
she continues to let the spirit guide her in her life.

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 babies + teething= TEARS...from them & ME

And this to shall pass...right? My poor babies. I feel so bad for them both. They are breaking their molars & I seriously am exhausted. Kade tries to eat but anything he chews on is just so painful & ends up screaming. So he is drooling buckets & in tears because he's hungry. Chloe has figured it's not even worth trying so she is refusing everything. I've found that yogurts & apple sauce are the only things that don't bring tears. I also tried chicken noodle soup today & that went well.
The downside to these foods is I have to sit & feed them. Spoon feeding two babies is time consuming but the pay off is...I don't have to clean the floor or the chairs or the walls :-) & by me feeding them I know exactly what made it in their mouths verses them "trying" to feed themselves & needing a bath after every meal. AHHHHHH!
I am so happy that these teething days will soon be behind us. THANK GOODNESS for

If it wasn't for Orajel & Motrin I'm pretty sure you would find me curled up in the fetal position sucking my thumb!!


Our handsome little man

Hanging with Daddy ALWAYS makes things better

What a good lookin CREW!!

say cheese

Grandpa's Masterpiece

Cute SnowMan!!!