Monday, August 24, 2009

Announcement~'s been along time since my last post and what better way to update with EXCITING NEWS!!! I have been so blessed to work with one of my best girlfriends on a project she dreamed up 5 years ago. We are really thinking BIG here and are so excited to get the word out! We have named the organization Lanees Legacy. You can check it out at to read DeLanees story go to
This is such a special organization and I know it will touch the lives of others.
I never thought I would be a recipient of one of Becky's boxes. I was given one in the hospital after we lost our 4th son Garrett in 2007. Leaving him at the hospital was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I am so thankful I had a box to cling to. My box held everything that touched my precious little boy, a lock of his hair that the nurse had cut for me, and the impressions that were taken of his hands and feet. I am so blessed to have such a special box of belongings to reopen and to hold and smell. My entire family cherishes our box.
I am thankful for this opportunity to help this dream lift off the ground. DeLanee and Garrett did spend just a short time here on this earth but their sweet memories will continue to live on through this organization...Lanees Legacy!


Tyler and Kami said...

I met Becky when I posted on my Blog about the box I received after our Daughter was stillborn when I was 8 months pregnant with her ( she died January 9, 2009 ) Becky came across my Blog and saw the post and emailed me and told me she was the one who made it. I was SO GRATEFUL to her for that gift.

I was also interviewed for this article in the Tribune, but found myself in tears from reading your story and watching the video. It's amazing how all of us who have lived through this experience seem to feel the same type of pains and joys.

Thank you for sharing your story : )

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Our handsome little man

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